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Neo Holistic™ Electric V-Line Face Lifting Device

V Lift

Looking in the mirror and seeing a double chin is not how you want to start your day. Start slimming your face now with the Neo Holistic™ Electric V-Line Face Lifting Device. This easy to use tool doesn’t require any chin or face exercises and is a great alternative to risky surgery. Just place it on your chin and relax while the device does all the work for you. Now, you can finally get rid of that double chin and reduce signs of aging, without even having to leave your home.

Our Neo Holistic™ Electric V-Line Face Lifting Device contains 42-degree Celsius LED lights that are evenly spread. This type of light therapy works by emitting red and blue lights that penetrate through layers of your skin to lift, tighten, and thin your face, ultimately resulting in a flattering V shape. Light therapy carries non-chemical and concentrated light wavelengths to your skin cells making this a safer alternative to other treatments. Our innovative design allows you to reduce your double chin and uses anti-aging light therapy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

V Line Lifting Mask


  • Fits facial profile perfectly
  • Blue light mode for acne removal, Red light mode for flat, wrinkle skin. Both lights work together for comprehensive skin care
  • Near-infrared light penetrates the dermis, and lifts and tightens the V-face
  • Hot compress therapy
  • Adjustable headband design
  • Automatically set for 15 mins per session
  • Portable and easy operation
V Lifting Mask

Ems Microcurrent, Vibration, 42℃ Heating

This device uses EMS Microcurrent technology to target and stimulate facial muscles and lose fat around your cheeks, chin, and jaw area. While doing this, it activates the deep muscle cells and boost the production of collagen, effectively helping reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, tighten the skin, and improve absorption efficiency. The soothing 42℃ heating also enhances the tissue regeneration process by opening pores and improving the absorption of skin care products, leaving your skin smooth and plump.

V Face Lift

LED Photon Therapy

Red light (630nm) can penetrate the dermis layer of the skin and improve the mitochondrial function of the cells. This results in:

  • Reduced oxidative stress
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved healing and cell repair process
  • Increased collagen production
  • Youthful and elastic skin

Blue light (470nm) penetrates through to the epidermis layer of the skin. It’s a renowned skin therapy that has been used in many skin care procedures designed to reduce acne and other trouble spots on the skin. The LED Light on the V-Face Massager delivers the Blue anti-aging light therapy in doses resulting in these improvements after a number of sessions:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shrinkage of pores
  • Reduced spots
  • Even skin tone
  • Sterilization and protection of the skin
Review Perfect V Lifting


  1. People with overexposed skin are recommended to use this product after skin repair to avoid secondary damage.
  2. This product is not recommended for people with severe suppurative acne or visible facial trauma.
  3. Patients with severe skin inflammation or particularly sensitive skin are advised to test the device for one minute without any uncomfortable reaction, before doing a full session.
  4. Be careful when using this on parts of the face that are bleeding.
  5. Patients with assisted hearing, such as ear inflammation or hearing aids, should use it under a doctor’s care.
  6. Patients with serious heart disease cannot use this product.
  7. Children under 12 years old cannot use this product.
  8. Pregnant women can only use it under a doctor’s care.


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